Jeff Rowland - We've Got Tonight

This piece uses the iconic image of Tower Bridge as the setting for the romance. I see it in that the couple have been walking along the bank of the Thames , the rain not bothering them, they stop to say something to each other and she is pulled into a passionate clinch. However all my pieces are open to interpretation and I want everyone who looks at them to draw their own conclusions as to the accompanying story. Even though the painting is set against a cold and rainy evening, the couple give the impression that they are warm, safe and together. I have always tried to have a small part of the composition painted in a warmer tone; whether that be the reflection on the rain soaked street from a street light, the reflection of light from a warm restaurant or it may well be the colour of the coats on the characters .This warmth gives a feeling of sanctuary from the heavy rain, without the warm tones the piece could be conceived as a cold composition.

Giclee On Paper
16 x 20''

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